2504 LED bulb- A comparison of SEALIGHT and LASFIT

Introduction of 2504 LED bulb

The 2504 LED bulb is a type of automotive LED bulb that is commonly used to replace the original halogen bulbs in certain vehicles. It is also known as a PSX24W bulb. Its design makes them able to fit specific sockets in vehicles such as Jeep Wranglers, Dodge Chargers, and Chrysler 300s.

The name “2504” comes from the bulb’s ANSI (American National Standards Institute) code, which is a standardized code. This code is used to identify the size and shape of the bulb. In this case, the “25” refers to the bulb’s diameter in millimeters, while the “04” indicates the bulb’s length in eighths of an inch.

Applications of 2504 LED bulb

The 2504 LED bulbs are a popular type of automotive LED bulb that has a common use to replace traditional halogen bulbs in many applications. Here are ten of the most common applications for the 2504 LED:


One of the most popular applications for the 2504 LED is in headlights. Many vehicles, including the Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Charger, use the 2504 bulb as a low beam or high beam headlight.

Fog lights:

The 2504 bulb is also useable as a replacement for the factory halogen bulb in fog lights. This can provide brighter, more efficient lighting in low-visibility conditions.

Daytime running lights:

Daytime running lights (DRLs) are headlights or other lights on a vehicle with a purpose to provide illumination during daytime driving. They are usually located at the front of the vehicle. They automatically turn on when the car is running.

The purpose of DRLs is to increase the visibility of the vehicle during daylight hours and improve its safety on the road. Research has shown that vehicles with DRLs are more visible to other drivers, reducing the likelihood of accidents, especially in situations such as low light conditions or during inclement weather.

In many countries, including Canada, DRLs are mandatory for all new vehicles, while in others they are optional or not required by law. The type of DRLs may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, with some using dedicated light fixtures, while others use the headlights or other existing lights.

Some vehicles use the 2504 bulb as a daytime running light. These lights have a design to turn on whenever the car is running, providing increased visibility and safety.

Turn signals:

Turn signal lighting is a type of lighting system on vehicles that indicates the direction in which the vehicle is turning. When a driver activates the turn signal, the lights on the front and/or rear of the vehicle will blink in a specific pattern indicating the intended direction of the turn.

Turn signal lights are usually on the front and rear of the vehicle, and they may be incorporated into the headlights or taillights, or may be separate units. In most vehicles, the turn signal activates by a lever or button located on or near the steering wheel.

The purpose of turn signal lights is to communicate to other drivers on the road the driver’s intention to turn or change lanes, allowing them to adjust their own driving accordingly. Using turn signals properly is an important aspect of safe driving, and failure to do so can result in accidents or traffic violations.

The 2504 LED bulb can also be used as a turn signal in some vehicles. LED turn signals offer faster response times and brighter, more visible lighting.

Parking lights:

Some vehicles use the 2504 bulb as a replacement for the factory halogen bulb in the parking lights. LED parking lights can provide brighter, longer-lasting lighting while using less power.

Interior lighting:

The 2504 LED bulb can also be used for interior lighting in cars, trucks, and SUVs. This can include dome lights, map lights, and other types of accent lighting.

Methodology of installation

The process of installing 2504 LED bulbs will depend on the specific make and model of your vehicle. However, in general, the following steps can be followed:

  1. Determine the type of 2504 LED bulb that is compatible with your vehicle. You can check the owner’s manual or consult with a mechanic or auto parts store for assistance.
  2. Turn off the vehicle’s engine and open the hood.
  3. Locate the headlight assembly that needs the bulb replaced.
  4. Remove the existing halogen bulb from the assembly. You may need to disconnect a wiring harness or twist the bulb to remove it.
  5. Insert the 2504 LED bulb into the assembly, making sure that its alignment is proper.
  6. Connect the wiring harness, if necessary, and twist the bulb into place.
  7. Turn on the vehicle’s headlights to test the new LED bulb. If it is not working properly, check the connections and ensure that it is properly seated in the assembly.
  8. Repeat the process for the other headlight assembly, if necessary.

It is important to note that some vehicles may require additional steps, such as removing the headlight assembly or other components, to access the bulb. If you are unsure about the installation process, it may be best to consult with a mechanic or professional installer.

Review of LASFIT 2504 LED bulb

LASFIT 2504 LED bulb comes in 2 kind of models:

  1. Yellow light with a temperature of 3000K. This light has a deep penetration and helps to drive through fog, snow, rain and other harsh weather conditions.
  2. White light with a temperature of 6000K which is particularly useful for increasing visibility in the darkness i.e. the night time in particular.

These bulbs are smaller in size as compared to other bulbs available in the market. Due to their smaller size, there is a better gap between the bulb and the dust cap which allows a better heat dissipation mechanism for these LED bulbs.

These LEDs come with a 35mm cooling fan which consists of 5 blades. The design type is all-in-one compact LED bulb and hence better heat dissipation as well as longer life of these LEDs is guaranteed.

These bulbs consumer 60 Watts per set. Since one set of these LED bulbs consist of 02 bulbs, the power consumption per bulb is 30 Watts. Overall life span of these LED bulbs is 30,000 hours.

Review of SEALIGHT 2504 LED BULB

These bulbs are currently available only in one model or one light colour i.e. Yellow. Like LASFIT bulbs, the colour temperature of these bulbs is 3000K. These are 300% brighter than the traditionally available halogen bulbs.

As compared to LASFIT bulbs, SEALIGHT 2504 LED BULB claims to have a longer lifespan of 50,000 hours and that is really impressive. Their waterproof rating is IP 67. Power consumption is also considerably lower than LASFIT. They consume 22 Watts per set. These bulbs run on a voltage range of 12-18V.


We have listed the reviews of both LASFIT and SEALIGHT above. If you are in need of slightly mild light output with low power consumption and high life span, go for SEALIGHT bulb. Otherwise LASFIT is a better choice and value for money.

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