A brief guide to 3175 LED bulb

Introduction of 3175 LED bulb

3175 LED bulb is a type of festoon bulb that can be used for interior lighting in cars, such as for map, dome, cargo and license plate lights.

The number “3175” refers to the bulb’s dimensions in units of hundredths of an inch. Specifically, the 3175 bulb  has a diameter of 0.3125 inches, which converts to 31 hundredths of an inch. This dimension of 0.3125 inches is equivalent to 5/16 of an inch.  

To break this down further:

1 inch = 100 hundredths of an inch

So 0.3125 inches = 31.25 hundredths of an inch = 31 hundredths of an inch (when rounded)

31 hundredths of an inch, written as a fraction, is 31/100 inches.

This can be simplified to 5/16 inches.

In other words, a 3175 bulb has a diameter of 31 hundredths of an inch, which is the same as 5/16 of an inch, which is slightly less than 1/3 of an inch. 

So the number 3175 is a code that represents the bulb’s diameter in units of 100ths of an inch for convenient labeling and sizing. But its actual diameter measure in inches is 5/16 of an inch.

Applications of 3175 LED bulb

The 3175 LED bulb is a versatile lighting solution that finds application in various industries, including automotive, marine, aviation, and residential lighting. Below are some applications of the 3175 LED bulb:

Automotive Lighting

Automotive manufacturers and owners commonly use the 3175 LED bulb. They use it as a replacement for halogen and incandescent bulbs in automotive lighting applications. These bulbs work  for interior lighting. They provide illumination for dome lights, map lights, and trunk lights. These bulbs also work for exterior lighting. They enable  license plate lights, side marker lights, and turn signal lights.

The LED bulbs offer brighter and more efficient lighting than traditional bulbs. This makes them ideal for automotive use. The bulbs outshine and outlast standard bulbs. They shine brighter while consuming less energy. This gives drivers more visibility at a lower cost. It also reduces the frequency of bulb replacements.

The durability and efficiency of these LED bulbs serve the needs of automobiles well. Their focused light aids with navigating and being seen. The bulbs’ long lifespan and energy efficiency serve environmental and financial interests. By switching to LEDs, drivers can do their part to conserve natural resources and save money.

Aviation Lighting

The aviation industry relies on the 3175 LED bulb for vital lighting needs. Pilots and flight crews use these bulbs to properly operate and navigate aircraft. They provide illumination for cockpit lighting, instrument lighting, and emergency lighting.

These LED bulbs offer intensely bright and reliable lighting. They shine reliably and meet the strict safety requirements of the aviation industry. Their focused beams sufficiently light cockpit controls, instruments, and emergency pathways well.

The aviation industry demands extremely durable and long-lasting lighting. The 3175 LED bulbs are designed to operate for thousands of hours without failure or significant dimming. This reduces the workload for maintenance crews. It minimizes the hassle and delay of frequent bulb replacement. They also decrease the risk of failure during a flight.

Residential Lighting

Homeowners frequently use the 3175 LED bulb for residential lighting needs. They employ these bulbs for accent lighting, task lighting, and general illumination. The bulbs brighten chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, and various fixtures.

The 3175 LED bulbs provide ideal residential lighting in an affordable, efficient and safe package. It slashes energy usage, saves money, minimizes maintenance, and avoids danger.

For residential use, these bulbs satisfy the need for bright and economical lighting solutions. They shine sustainably for years without much thought or expense. Homeowners can feel good using such an environmentally-friendly product. 

Industrial Lighting

The 3175 LED bulb finds frequent use in industrial lighting applications. Manufacturing facilities employ these bulbs for machine lighting, indicator lights, and task lighting. They illuminate equipment, signals, and workspaces.  

The 3175 bulb’s high efficiency helps industrial facilities save on electricity. The bulbs consume a fraction of the energy that incandescent bulbs require for the same brightness. This significantly lowers utility bills each month, especially with numerous lights operating daily. 

These energy efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs benefit the environment as well. They decrease the demand for power generation and cut down on excess energy waste. By switching to LEDs, industrial facilities can shrink their carbon footprint and promote sustainability. 

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