Best 880 LED bulb for your vehicle

Introduction of 880 LED bulb

880 LED bulb is a specific type of light-emitting diode (LED) bulb that is commonly used in automotive applications, such as headlights, fog lights, and daytime running lights. The number “880” is actually a code that refers to the dimensions of the bulb itself. Specifically, the “8” indicates that the bulb is 8 millimeters in diameter, and the “80” indicates that the bulb is 80 millimeters long.


880 led bulbs have many applications in everyday life. Some of these are discussed below :


The 880 LED is often used as a replacement for traditional halogen bulbs in headlights. It provides a brighter and more focused beam of light, improving visibility and safety on the road.

Fog lights

The 880 LED bulb is also commonly used as a fog light. Its bright, white light can cut through fog and mist, making it easier for drivers to see and avoid obstacles on the road.

Daytime running lights

Many vehicles come with daytime running lights that are designed to increase visibility during the day. The 880 LED bulb is a popular choice for these lights. It provides a bright, clear indication that the vehicle is on and in motion.

Off-road lighting

LED bulbs, including the 880 LED bulb, are a popular choice for off-road lighting. This is due to their brightness and energy efficiency. They have a use case to light up the trail ahead or to provide extra illumination when working on a vehicle in the dark.

Boat lighting

The 880 LED bulb is also suitable for use in marine applications, such as on boats or yachts. It is useable as a spotlight or floodlight to light up the water ahead, making it easier to navigate at night.

ATV lighting

LED bulbs are also usable on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to provide extra illumination when driving in low-light conditions. The 880 LED bulb has a utility as a headlight or auxiliary light to improve visibility and safety.

Industrial lighting

LED bulbs, including the 880 LED bulb, are also of use in industrial settings, such as warehouses or factories. They provide bright, energy-efficient lighting that can improve worker safety and productivity.

Which is the best 880 led bulb?

The above question is a tough answer as it involves inspection of many elements such as brightness, energy-efficiency, longevity, compatibility as well as brand reputation etc.

We have tried to look for the answer of the above question and reached to a conclusion. But let us first give a disclaimer that we are not responsible for your purchases made online or via a physical store.

Reviews of Top 880 LED bulbs

Below are the reviews of some of the brands that are offering 880 LED bulbs. However, we shall not bear any responsibility of any purchase. These reviews are based on honest assessment of users’ experiences as well as product description.

Alla lighting

These bulbs produce a bright Xenon White light. Alla lighting 880 led bulbs are compatible with almost all types of vehicles. At least this is what the manufacturer claims. Each of the bulb produces 6250 lumens intense light. The good thing is that these bulbs are waterproof. Their rating for waterproofing is IP67. They utilize 6063 Aluminum material for better heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.


These bulbs produce a light with color temperature of 6500K. Their water proof rating is IP67. Their life span as claimed by the manufacturer, is 30,000 hours. Auxito 880 led bulbs produce a light at 360 degree angles. They come with a plug and play feature which means that They are easy to install. Each bulb produces a light output of 3000 lumens, thus making the total output of the set equal to 6000 lumens.


Sealight is a popular brand. It offers 880 LED bulbs which consume lesser power i.e. 15 Watts per bulb. The color temperature of these bulbs’ light output is 6000K. These bulbs have a long life span of 50,000 hours or more. These bulbs are directly plugable and hence their installation is easy.

Super bright LEDs

While the name of this brand might not be very famous, their bulbs are actually fairly good. They come with a fanless cooling technology and internal drivers. Each bulb produces a bright light output of 2000 lumens. Each of the bulb draws a current of 2 Amperes. The color temperature of the light output of these bulbs is 6500K.

Super Nova V.4

These bulbs make use of NLW1860CV2 chips are based on XD14 technology developed by CREE. This LED has a special feature that its diodes have no gap between them, which allows them to produce a light which is very close to the original filament bulb. This feature also enables them to achieve a greater accuracy.

The material of construction of these bulbs is 6063 Aluminum. The original use of this material class is in Aircrafts etc. Hence its use assures a corrosion resistant surface.


We have found ZTZPIE to be the best 880 led bulb under 20$. The bulb is available online on AliExpress. It provides 12000 lumen brightness on high beam and 3000 lumen on the low beam.

This bulb promises to offer a service life of 80,000 hours on high beam and 30,000 on low beam. It can light up the objects froma distance of 200 m on high beam and 80 m on low beam.

It comes under various models. Of all the models available in the market currently, H1 and H3 models have 4-sides whereas the rest of the models have 10-sides. This means that these models have such a shape that there are 10 LEDs on angles, at the periphery.

As far as the customer satisfaction is concerned, most of the customers are happy with its brightness, performance and price.

ZTZPIE 880 led bulb

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