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In this article, we shall explore 881 LED bulbs in detail and review some 881 LED bulb brands available in the market.

881 LED bulb is a type of LED light bulb commonly used in automotive lighting applications. They are designed to replace traditional halogen bulbs in applications such as headlights, fog lights and daytime running lights.

The number “881” in the name of these bulbs refers to the specific bulb model number, which is used to identify the bulb’s size and shape. This number is part of a standardized numbering system used by the automotive industry to ensure compatibility between bulbs and lighting fixtures.


881 LED bulbs have many applications. Some of them are as given below :


Headlights are an important component of any vehicle. They help the drivers drive safe during low light conditions e.g. those in the night time. 881 LED bulb can replace traditional halogen bulbs in headlights, providing brighter, more consistent lighting that improves visibility and safety on the road.

Fog lights

881 LED bulb are useable as fog lights, which enable the vehicle to cut through fog, mist, and other low-visibility conditions. LED bulbs offer brighter, more focused lighting that can improve safety and performance in these conditions.

Daytime running lights

Some vehicles come with daytime running lights which helps them to improve visibility during the day. This eventually reduces the risk of accidents. LED bulbs are a popular choice for these applications. Why is it so? The answer is that because they have a high energy efficiency and durability.

Brake lights and turn signals

LED bulbs are useful for brake lights and turn signals, providing brighter, more responsive lighting that can improve safety on the road.

Interior lighting

In addition to automotive applications, 881 LED bulb are also useable in interior lighting of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. They can provide bright, energy-efficient lighting for reading, navigation, and other tasks.

Review of various 881 LED bulb brands

We have given the reviews of some of the brands of 881 LED bulbs so that the reader may make a mind regarding buying. However the decision will be solely of the reader and we shall not bear any liability in this regard.


These bulbs come with an intelligent temperature control feature. They are quick to start and take as low as 0.1s, evident on the high quality of their conducting material. They come in waterproof and dustproof make. Their installation is very easy as they come with a plug and play feature.

They produce a pure White light of color temperature 6500K. Their life time is at least 100,000 hours. Each of these bulbs produces a light brightness of 750 lumens.


These bulbs consume a power of 50 Watts per set which implies that the power consumption per bulb is 25 Watts since there are 02 bulbs per set. Their light out put is 5000 lumens per set or 2500 lumens per bulb. The manufacturer claims that theirs is the smallest 881 LED bulb available in the market with a mini fan. Its height is only 0.98 inches.

The color temperature of the light which these bulbs produce is 6000K. They are totally waterproof and their relevant waterproof rating is IP67.

Alla Lighting

Alla lighting 881 LED bulb is available online in different colors such as Red, Blue, Yellow and White. Except for red color, it has different respective temperature colors. Its power consumption is 8.5 W/ bulb and brightness is 1900 Lumens.

The company claims that the installation of these bulbs is easy and that they are water proof. Alla Lighting 881 LED bulb comes as plug and play LED. It operates on 12V and has a lifespan of 20,000 hours.

Now let us talk about the customers’ satisfaction. About 75% of the customers who purchased this product from Amazon were satisfied with it. The main purpose of these LEDs is to provide bright light output and the customers were content with its brightness.

Almost all of the customers said that the installation of these bulbs is easy, requires very little effort. They said that these bulbs justify their pricing and are worth trying. If you are looking to buy these bulbs, you may click here.

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