Review : Bullvision D1S LED bulb


In this article we’ll explore D1S HID bulb as well as review Bullvision D1S HID bulb in as much detail as possible.

Background of D1S HID bulb

D1S is a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) bulb used in automotive headlights. The “D” in D1S stands for “discharge,” and the “1” indicates that it is a single-ended bulb with a base that is designed to fit into a specific socket. The “S” indicates that it is a “short” bulb with a smaller arc tube than other HID bulbs.

The D1S bulb was developed to improve the efficiency and performance of automotive headlights. HID bulbs produce a brighter and more natural light than traditional halogen bulbs, and they use less power. The D1S bulb specifically has a color temperature of around 4300K, which is a bright white light that is similar to daylight.


D1S bulbs are a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) bulb that are commonly in use for automotive headlights. They are designed to produce a bright and efficient light that is similar to daylight. Here are some of the applications of D1S bulbs:

Automotive Headlights

D1S bulbs are primarily used in automotive headlights, including high beams and low beams. They provide a bright and efficient light that improves visibility and safety while driving at night or in low-light conditions.

Motorcycle Headlights

D1S bulbs are also useable in motorcycle headlights, providing a bright and efficient light that helps riders see the road ahead.

Street Lighting

HID bulbs, including D1S bulbs, are used in street lighting applications due to their bright and efficient light output. Their use is common in the outdoor areas where high-quality lighting is a requirement for safety and visibility.

Industrial Lighting

HID bulbs are also used in industrial lighting applications, such as in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, where bright and efficient lighting is essential for productivity and safety.

What is D1S LED bulb?

D1S LED bulb has recently entered the market and is becoming increasingly popular due to its extended lifespan and superior brightness when compared to Xenon bulbs. Manufactured using the latest SANAN LED chips, these bulbs offer an approximate lifetime of 50,000 hours. They provide 50% more visibility on the road.

These high-quality D1S LED bulbs feature an all-metal base. This base’ manufacturing involves precision engineering and includes a built-in fan to dissipate heat. Additionally, they are designed to be “plug in & play”. They do not require any changes to the original programming or wiring.

They also have the advantage of Canbus functionality, meaning that they work seamlessly with your car’s OBC system. Therefor they can directly replace all standard fitted OEM D1S bulbs.

Difference between D1S HID and D1S LED bulb

The key distinction between Xenon and D1S LED headlamps lies in their respective light patterns. Xenon bulbs have a greater depth of light, whereas LED bulbs have a wider beam. As a result, Xenon bulbs tend to illuminate objects further away, while LED bulbs provide a broader coverage area.

Bullvision D1S LED bulb

Bullvision D1S LED bulb product is a direct replacement for D1S Xenon bulbs. It interfaces seamlessly with the original car HID ballast. This allows for a non-destructive upgrade without the need to modify any wiring or harm the original car AFS and auxiliary function. Additionally, it offers 100% decoding capability.

The Bullvision LED technology used in this product provides a high level of brightness, with a light output that is over 500% brighter than the original car HID. It is also nearly instantaneously bright, with a 0.01s response time, allowing for early detection of road conditions. The long lifespan of this product, up to 50000 hours, is 10 times longer than that of HID bulbs.

Bullvision D1s LED bulb

Other product information includes a voltage range of 12V-24V, a power output of 90W/pair, and a brightness level of 40000LM/pair. The color temperature is 6000K, and the product features a Brand chip. It is also IP68 waterproof and includes a Turbo-high speed fan and Aluminum+Fan cooling(12000RPM) to prevent overheating. The working temperature range is -40 to 90℃, and the product comes with a 1-year warranty. Additionally, it includes a Canbus function.

Prior to installation, it is important to note that this product is only suitable for upgrading cars with HID Xenon lamp functionality, and is not compatible with halogen lamp models. It is also important to ensure that the HID ballast of the original car is in proper working order.

As far as we could track the statistics, out of 411 users who provided feedback, 92% were happy and content with Bullvision D1S LED bulb. The buyers expressed their satisfaction with the color of these bulbs and the brightness as well.

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