896 LED bulb


896 LED bulb is a type of automotive LED bulb commonly used as a replacement for halogen bulbs in vehicle headlights or fog lights. The number “896” refers to the bulb size and shape, which is standard in use by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This number based nomenclature is used to identify different bulb types.

SAE bulb size codes are a standardized system that uses a combination of letters and numbers to identify the shape, base, and size of a bulb. This helps to ensure that bulbs are interchangeable and that they fit correctly in the corresponding socket.

The first number in the code (8 in the case of 896) refers to the bulb’s diameter in eighths of an inch. Whereas the last two digits (96 in this case) indicate the bulb’s overall length in hundredths of an inch.

Applications of 896 LED bulbs

Here are 5 applications of 896 led bulb given below:

Street lighting

The 896 led bulbs are effectively useable for street lighting and road illumination. Its high intensity and focused light can brightly lit up streets and roads. The durability and long lifespan of  896 led bulb reduces the frequency of replacement and maintenance work required for street lights.

It also consumes less energy as compared to conventional street light sources like sodium vapor lamps. Thus, 896 led bulb is an ideal choice for road and street lighting application due its high efficiency and performance.

Parking lot lighting

896 led bulb is also commonly used in parking lot lighting application. Its bright light helps to keep parking lots well illuminated at night for safety and security purposes.

The led bulb’s long service life minimizes outages and ensures consistent and uniform lighting in parking lots. It is also resistant to vibrations and impacts, making it suitable for installation in parking garages and open parking areas. The energy efficiency of 896 led bulb lowers the operating costs for parking lot lighting.

Flood lighting

Flood lighting is another important application of 896 led bulb. Its intense light with wide beam angle is ideal for illuminating large open areas such as sport fields or construction sites. The led bulb produces bright light with good color rendering for enhanced visibility.

It is also durable against harsh weather conditions which makes it suitable in outdoor flood lighting applications. The long service life of the led bulb reduces maintenance frequency and cost for floodlighting in many commercial and industrial facilities.

Ports and airports lighting

896 led bulb is useful for high mast lighting in places like ports, airports, and logistic areas. Its high intensity light has a long throw distance to illuminate distant areas.

The impact and vibration resistant feature of the led bulb allows it to withstand challenging conditions at high mounting heights. Its superior energy efficiency and long lifespan also make it suitable for use in high mast lighting applications where frequent replacements and maintenance are difficult.

Architectural lighting

Wall washing and facade lighting are popular architectural applications of 896 led bulb. Its bright and uniform light helps to create dramatic effects on building surfaces, monuments and structures. The precise and focused beam of the led bulb highlights architectural details and accentuates curves and contours.

The variety of color temperatures available in 896 led bulbs also enables different looks and moods for facade lighting. The long service life and low maintenance of the led bulb make it convenient for building owners and designers to use in architectural facade and wall washing lighting.

Buy best 896 LED bulbs

In order to buy the best 896 LED bulbs, you must review the options available to you. There might be certain factors such as the brightness, the light intensity, the brands, the availability in the local market etc. One can always choose by listing down all such factors and then optimizing between them.

We shall present some of the brands’ reviews in the lines below for your interest and you may choose accordingly.

Alla lighting

Alla lighting is a very famous brand. It manufactures 881 LED bulb whose cross reference numbers include 896 as well. The color temperature of these bulbs is 6000K. The brightness of each of these bulbs is 4000 lumens. The material of construction of these bulbs is 6063 Aluminum.

The manufacturer claims that these bulbs are waterproof. They consume 30 Watts of power. Their effective life span is 30,000 hours or more. You may buy these bulbs here.


This bulb is suitable to replace the halogen bulb of the same size and designation i.e. 896 halogen bulb. It produces a light which has an intensity of 4,000 lumens which is considered very powerful intensity. These bulbs don’t use fans rather they utilize cooling coils. Due to this advanced cooling feature, they are smarter and more efficient as well. These are purely plug and play type LED bulbs.


Lighting Way might not be as popular brand as it seems the case but they boast off a strong R&D Department. They claim that this bulb has been developed by their R&D team lead who has worked in world famous brand Philips, for more than 30 years.

Each bulb consumes 30 Watts of power to produce a very intense bright light of 4000 lumens intensity. These bulbs are completely plug and play type and hence easy to install.

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