Understanding LED Bulb HSN Code

As the world is becoming more conscious about energy efficiency and environmental impact, LED bulbs have become a popular choice for lighting solutions. However, when it comes to importing or exporting LED bulbs, it’s important to understand the HSN code system. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the LED bulb HSN code.


HSN stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature, which is a standardized system of names and numbers used for classifying goods in international trade. It was developed by the World Customs Organization and is used by more than 200 countries worldwide. HSN codes classify goods and determine their applicable taxes and duties.

When it comes to LED bulbs, the HSN code system is particularly important, as the applicable code can determine the tax rate and other import/export requirements.

What is an HSN Code?

An HSN code is a six-digit code used to classify goods for taxation purposes. The first two digits represent the chapter, the next two digits represent the heading, and the last two digits represent the subheading. Each chapter covers a specific category of goods, and the headings and subheadings provide more specific details about the goods in that category.

The HSN code system is used by customs officials to determine the applicable tax rate for imported or exported goods. It also helps to ensure consistency in the classification of goods across different countries.

Understanding the LED Bulb HSN Code

HSN Code for LED Bulbs

The HSN code for LED bulbs is 8539. This code falls under Chapter 85 of the HSN system, which covers electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof.

GST Rates for LED Bulbs

The GST rate for LED bulbs varies depending on the HSN code and wattage of the bulb. LED bulbs with an HSN code of 8539 and wattage of less than or equal to 10 watts have a tax rate of 5%, while those with a wattage greater than 10 watts have that of 12%.

How to Determine the HSN Code for LED Bulbs

If you’re importing or exporting LED bulbs, it’s important to know the applicable HSN code to ensure that you’re complying with the relevant tax regulations. Here’s how you can determine the HSN code for LED bulbs.

Identify the LED Bulb Type

The first step in determining the HSN code for LED bulbs is to identify the type of bulb. LED bulbs come in various shapes and sizes, including A-shaped, candle-shaped, globe-shaped, and tube-shaped. They also come in different wattages, colors, and bases.

Determine the Applicable HSN Code

Once you have identified the LED bulb type, you can determine the applicable HSN code. LED bulbs typically fall under HSN code 8539, which covers all types of electric lamps and lighting fixtures, including LED lamps.

However, if the LED bulb is part of a larger lighting fixture or assembly, the applicable HSN code may be different. It’s important to consult the HSN code system or seek professional advice to ensure that you’re using the correct code.

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