Review of Vibe Essential LED Light Bulb App

Introduction of Vibe Essential LED light bulb app

Vibe Essential LED light bulb app is a smartphone application that allows users to control their bulbs from their mobile devices. The app works finely with both iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded for free from the respective app stores. This app is used to control Smart LED bulbs that are compatible with it.

Introduction of Smart LEDs

Smart LEDs are intelligent light emitting diodes that can be controlled wirelessly using a smartphone or other connected devices. They have integrated sensors and networking capabilities that allow them to be remotely monitored and adjusted. They can detect ambient light levels and adjust their own brightness accordingly. These LEDs can also detect motion and trigger themselves to turn on or off. Many smart LEDs can be grouped together into a mesh network to provide whole-home lighting control and automation.

Users can control the smart LEDs from anywhere using a mobile app or voice commands via a virtual assistant. Smart LEDs offer scheduling features to turn the lights on or off at certain times. They provide an energy efficient solution to control different types of lighting. These include : mood lighting, accent lighting, spot lighting, and pathway lighting around homes and buildings. These LEDs give users the ability  to dim or brighten the lights. They also give the option to the users to change their color, if applicable. Smart LEDs let the users create custom groups of lights that can all be controlled at once.  

Construction and working of Smart LEDs

They mart LEDs contain components like Wi-Fi modules, Bluetooth radios, and embedded sensors that provide them connectivity and intelligence. The connectivity and control capabilities of Smart LEDs allow them to integrate with home automation platforms and other smart home devices.

The examples of these devices with which Smart LEDs are able to connect, include : thermostats, security cameras, garage door openers, etc. . Their connectivity enables them to provide a totally connected smart home experience. Smart LEDs are a key part of the broader Internet of Things movement.

A schematic that shows how Vibe essential LED light bulb app works with the wi-fi network?
How does Vibe essential app work?

The app offers a wide range of features and benefits, including:

1.   Easy setup of Vibe essential LED light bulb app:

The Vibe essential smart LED light bulb app is straightforward to set up and use. Users can easily connect their Vibe smart LED bulbs to the mobile app via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. After pairing the bulbs with the app, users gain complete control over the smart bulbs.

After configuration, the Vibe smart bulb remembers the settings. These settings include : last on/off state, brightness level, color, and any schedules or timers that were set. This allows the lights to automatically resume their programmed state if the home experiences an internet or power outage.

The Vibe essential smart LED bulb system provides an affordable, simple to use option for smart and connected lighting in homes or businesses. The app makes this possible without the need for a dedicated home automation hub.

2.   Remote control:

The application allows users to control their light bulbs from anywhere in the room. This makes it easy for them to adjust the brightness or color of the light without moving physically.

3.   Customization:

The software application offers a wide range of customization options. These including the ability to choose from a variety of colors and adjust the brightness to suit individual preferences.

4.   Scheduling:

Vibe essential LED light bulb app also allows users to schedule their LED light bulbs to turn on and off automatically at specific times of the day. This is ideal for creating a personalized lighting schedule. For example, users can program the bulbs to turn on in the morning to help them wake up at a desired time. They can turn off later when they leave for work or school. It is possible to set a schedule in the evening for the bulbs to turn back on at a set time. This way the lights will turn on by the time the users return home.

The bulbs are programmable, enabling them to dim gradually in the evening. This helps the users relax and prepare for bedtime before turning completely off at a scheduled sleep time. This level of customization and automation is very convenient. This also helps to enhance the lighting experience for the users based on their own unique needs and preferences. 

5.   Energy efficiency:

The Vibe Essential LED light bulbs are energy-efficient. This means that using the app to control them can help reduce energy consumption and save money on energy bills.

6.   Group control:

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The app also allows users to group multiple Vibe Essential LED light bulbs together, making it easy to control multiple bulbs at once. For instance, users can group the bulbs in their bedroom. They may program them to all turn on at the same dimmed setting at bedtime. Similarly they may be programmed to turn off together in the morning.  Bulbs in the living room or kitchen can also are groupable so that when the user walks into the space, one tap in the app will turn on all the lights they need at once. 

Grouping bulbs by room or location results in a very convenient and seamless smart lighting experience throughout the home. Users do not have to manually control or adjust each bulb individually.  Instead, one customized setting will adjust multiple bulbs of the same group simultaneously based on the users’ preferences for different spaces.

This grouping feature makes automation and scheduling much more practical at a whole-home level and allows users to truly design their ideal smart lighting systems for any number of groupings that make sense for their unique homes and routines.

The grouping capability gives users a simple but powerful tool for intelligent management and synchronization of their connected bulbs to best suit their needs.


Overall, the Vibe Essential LED Light Bulb App is an excellent addition to the Vibe Essential LED light bulb system. It offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it easy to customize and control LED lighting in any room. The app is user-friendly and straightforward, and it is an excellent tool for those looking to create a personalized lighting experience in their homes or businesses.

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