Review : OXILAM 7507 LED bulb


In the lines below, we shall try to review OXILAM 7507 LED bulb which is one of the best options for 7507 LEDs in the market.

In 2015, OXILAM Automotive LED Lighting was founded with the primary objective of becoming a market leader in the automotive LED lighting industry. The company’s objective is to offer its customers high-quality LED lighting products and excellent service at competitive prices.

OXILAM company claims that it achieves this by listening to its customers. It then focuses to create LED bulbs that are superior to the ones already available in the market. The company strives to ensure that its customers are proud to install their products on their vehicles.

OXILAM keeps innovating to achieve the perfect balance of brightness, compatibility, and durability. The company values feedback from its customers and business partners, which helps them create better products. Once the final design is confident, the company releases the product to the public.

OXILAM is delighted to help customers modify their vehicles to their liking and thanks them for choosing to equip their vehicles with their products.


Oxilam 7507 LED bulb comes in different colors. Its power rating is 24 Watts. It weighs 1.41 ounces. Its operating life is 30,000 hours. Its dimensions are ‎3.78 x 2.44 x 1.34 inches.

Customer views

We have tried to explore the users’ reviews about this bulb. Most of the users have positive views about OXILAM 7507 LED bulb. Some people who had a couple of complaints about the product, admitted that the company reached out to them to resolve their complaints and concerns. Customers seem happy with the brightness of the light and color of these bulbs.

As per the reviews available online, the brightness is so high that one user felt pity for the cars that were behind him on the road and wanted to turn. One user wrote that his eyes hurt when he stares at them directly.

In the end, we shall like to clarify that we find OXILAM 7507 LED bulb a good choice for automotive vehicles. Still we don’t claim any responsibility for the brand. If you decide to buy this bulb, sole responsibility will be yours.

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